Student Loan Law

Waiting to graduate

Student loans are now more than ever a part of the higher education experience.

You are not the only one shouldering this burden.



Unfortunately many graduates and former students are facing the crushing burden of student loan debt. There is help available.

You may be thinking about bankruptcy. Student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy in most cases.

If your deferment is almost up and you don’t know how you will be able to make the payment you should contact us.

If your situation has changed and you can no longer afford your payment you should contact us.

If you answer yes to any of the following.

  • I am receiving calls from debt collectors
  • If you are being threatened with wage garnishment, social security offset, or tax refund offset
  • Being sued for a student loan
  • In default but not sure how to get out
  • Unable to afford your current minimum payment
  • Wondering if you qualify for a discharge

Then you need to contact us.

While a bankruptcy may be the right solution for other debts a different solution is needed for your Student Loans.

I want help with my Student Loans
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