Stretching Your Supermarket Dollar

MoneySmart shoppers know the game is on when they step into a supermarket.  Higher priced items are usually at eye level.  Milk and eggs are at the back of the store, so you have to run the gauntlet of temptation. Impulse buys like soda, candy and magazines surround you at the checkout with the hope that you be tempted to pick one up.

Three things you can do to save money are

  1. Don’t take a cart.  If you have to carry the basket you stop shopping when the basket is full.
  2. Don’t take the kids.
  3. Do not assume endcap displays signal a good deal.  These spots are sold to companies promoting a product.
  4. Paper or Plastic may be a choice for your bags but not for your payment.  Don’t pay with plastic.  If you have to break a hundred dollar bill you will feel the pain.  The same reason casinos want to change your money into chips.  You don’t have the same reaction to handing over your chips or plastic as you do when you pay with hundred dollar bills.
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